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Handheld projector introduction

A Handheld projector (also known as a 澳门太阳娱乐集团官网, mobile projector, pico projector or 澳门太阳娱乐集团官网) is a new technology that applies the use of an  in an . It is a response to the emergence/development of compact portable devices such as , , and , which have sufficient storage capacity to handle presentation materials but little space to accommodate an attached . Handheld projectors involve miniaturized hardware and software that can project digital images onto any nearby viewing surface. 

澳门太阳娱乐集团官网Handheld projector can be used for different applications than small conventional projectors. Since 2008 researchers are studying applications that are specifically designed for handheld projectors often using prototypes of mobile phones with an integrated projector. In October, 2007, demonstrated alpha prototypes of its embedded projectors within a laptop, games consoles and GPS devices and in 2008 to both industry and government bodies. demonstrated an embedded projector in a Haier Laptop

Three major imager technologies for micro projectors are currently competing for market share

  • Texas Instruments's  (DLP)
  • Microvision's beam-steering
  • a handful of LCoS () manufacturers including Syndiant, Himax, Micron Technologies and Omnivision supply companies including for both their LED and laser solutions.

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