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A 澳门太阳娱乐集团官网 (transparent,grey,white,dark grey)is a display technology that uses coated glass media for the projection surface of a . "" refers to the coating that bundles light using formed. The lens design and attributes match the holographic area. The lenses may appear similar to the  used in . The resulting effect is that of a , because the image carrier appears very transparent. Additionally, the beam manipulation by the lenses can be used to make the image appear to be floating in front of or behind the glass, rather than directly on it

The display design can use either front or rear projection, in which one or more video projectors are directed at the glass plate. Each projector's beam widens as it approaches the surface and then is bundled again by the lenses' arrangement on the glass. This forms a virtual point of origin, so that the image source appears to be an imaginary object somewhere close to the glass. In rear projection (the common use case), the light passes through the glass; in front projection it is reflected.

Most initial uses of this technology are advertising-related, such as shop windows. An interactive holographic screen can be mounted on the shop windows so that passersby can interact with it. Non-interactive holographic screens in shop windows can be coupled with artificial vision  to adapt ads based on the viewer's characteristics (age, sex, etc.).

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